We focus our efforts on improving the academic, social and occupational outcomes for at-potential youth. We set goals to help participants develop independent living skills. We created our virtual course “Cash App Classroom” at the height of COVID to teach participants financial literacy.  Due to the challenges caused by the COVID pandemic, we decided to implement new programs to be effective in today’s society. The need for virtual learning was important then and it is still relevant as it is now a modern way of teaching that has proven to be effective. Our virtual program “Cash App Classroom” teaches young people while they are safely in their homes. The program is now virtual [and] in person since many of the participants wish to come to Cahill to attend “Cash App Classroom” up close and personal. Light food and refreshments are made available before the start of the class. Those in attendance learn financial literacy, life skills, entrepreneurship and job readiness.

Participants receive monetary rewards in real time through Cash App for correct answers during the Q&A segments of the class. The opportunity to earn cash while learning motivates them to passionately study, understand the information and receive immediate rewards for their knowledge. We want to create innovative and exciting ways to inspire young people to reach their goals and thrive in society.